coping with interfering thoughts
The best way to cope with interfering thoughts depends on the person and the situation. However: COPING is the best strategy. Forgetting, repressing, etc. won't work. Try to face up to reality and find a way to cope with the problem.
A first step in coping is to realise your fixed (negative) ideas on test taking and put a question mark after those ideas. The firm belief: "I can't do it" then becomes "what is it I can't do?" Or: "I am getting panicky" then becomes "When or why do I become panicky?" In this way you start adjusting your negative ideas.
How can you best approach the ideas: "The test is too difficult, everybody fails it"? Click the approach with wich you agree most.

  • Do you simply say: "The test is not difficult, I'm simply going to take it."

  • Do you ask yourself: "What is so difficult? Does everybody really fail, and if so, why?"