Seven sins: Jeroen Bosch
Superbia Pride
(verwaandheid, trots, hovaardigheid)
a woman admires herself in a mirror held by a devil disguised as a servant
Invidia Envy
(afgunst, nijd, jaloezie)
a bourgeois looks longingly at a wealthy aristocrat, envying his lifestyle
(woede, boosheid)
a woman restrains her angry, drunken husband
Acedia Sloth and Torpor
(luiheid, ledigheid)
a man dozes in front of a fire while a nun reminds him of his religious duty
Avaritia Avarice
(hebzucht, begeerte, gierigheid)
shows a corrupt judge taking a bribe
Gula Gluttony
(onmatigheid, vraatzucht)
a fat man and his fat child eat while a thin man drinks
Luxuria Lust
(onkuisheid, wellust)
a young man & woman flirt, as they eat & drink while a jester entertains