thinkbox of the procrastinator
  • The habit of procrastination is a dangerous life style, because it damages the quality of your life. Although people dismiss procrastination lightly, scientific research indicates that procrastination is related to anxiety, depression, helplessness, etc. What looks like a 'happy-go-lucky' life style, is in fact a habitual and rigid response to life.
  • Yes, (useless) action is the main cause of a lot of trouble. Especially actions motivated by greed, hate and ignorance (the three poisons in Buddhism).
  • Postponement of tasks is 'normal'. In other words: Procrastination is not the problem, but the habit of procrastination is the problem
  • Procrastinators seem to like to read instructions on how to overcome procrastination. Reading gives the comfortable feeling of doing something about the problem. However, there is always a reason NOT to follow the instructions. So instruction has limited value. The 'Thinkbox of the Procrastinator' offers experiences!
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